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The purpose of evolve - to Help People & Serve Humanity

Insurance companies pay millions in claims every year, which is awesome. Planning and preparing is what we help you do.

In a report published in June of 2016, the NZ Institute of Economic Research calculated that life insurers are spending around $430 million a year on commissions.. We're starting to change the way that this wealth is distributed.

Choose Evolve and together we will serve humanity with the money we raise.

Let us help you with your insurance today!

We have just completed our first project using some of the donations we have generated so far!

+ EVOLVE brokers.

Evolve is the option you choose when you see the need for insurance.

Evolve is here and we are ready to help you. It's an exciting time, and we want you to be part of our community so we can make positive changes together!

When you choose us, you'll be choosing to make a positive difference, because everytime someone chooses Evolve a donation is created to help those in need.

Evolve is giving away the profit, to help people and serve humanity.

Find out more on Evolve HERE

+ it's all about giving.

Every time you choose Evolve for your insurance need, a donation is generated - at no extra cost to you.

Currently, the average size of the donation made to The Evolve Foundation is... $350 per policy!

Our vision and purpose is to help people and serve humanity, which is done through The Evolve Foundation. Every time we help you, we will be serving this greater purpose together.

For more information on how it all works, visit our FAQs page HERE Find out more about The Evolve Foundation HERE

+ insurance.

Evolve is an Auckland based insurance brokerage business. We specialise in Life, Trauma, Income Protection, Disability insurance and Health Insurance. As well as House, Car and Contents.

More information about insurance can be found HERE

We are here to help you understand the product, clear up the hazy bits, and make sure you get exactly the cover you need, that'll enable peace of mind.

Our process is simple and informative. We believe in getting it right the first time. We also believe in being transparent.

find out more about our process HERE

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+ How you help the evolution.

It's really quite simple.. When you or someone you know needs personal insurance, send them our way. We'll help them with great advice and they'll help us in generating donations!

All it takes is a decision to choose Evolve. That's it.

It won't cost anything more.

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+ We're all evolving.

Having a strong relationship with you is our top priority, that's what Evolve is about.

We help people and serve humanity. Today and tomorrow.

We believe in getting to know each other first. What our hopes and dreams, goals, challenges, concerns and everything in between are and how can we help each other achieve or overcome them.

It's important that we connect on a personal level. Our relationship must be about trust and honesty, particularly when it comes to insurance advice.

Client contributions and reviews

Our clients are what make Evolve and The Evolve Foundation possible. They're the most important cog in this machine!

Check out what they're saying and how they have contributed to Evolve.

Mike, Hilary and Jarrad gave up their time to shoot some video reviews for Evolve.. Thanks guys!

Mike & Hilary were Evolves first clients. By choosing Evolve, they generated a donation worth $318.65!

Jarrad & Alice chose Evolve and generated $136.93 in donations!

Thank you to all out clients for giving up their time to review, and for choosing, Evolve.



"Recently had a policy confirmed via Nev - great result, process from start to finish was a piece of cake. Highly recommended."


Alvin and Jen generated a whopping $686.29 to The Evolve Foundation! Evolve was also able to give back to them, by gifting them with $1,187.




"Working with Nevil is just totally seamless, nothing is an issue, always works the best deals and is a total professional"


James and Kirsty generated a donation worth $452.58 to The Evolve Foundation! Awesome! Evolve also helped them further, by gifting $784 back.




"Just got sorted for life and managed to give $442.93 to evolve charity! A truly win win business with a truly great broker and great product." 


As well as making a donation to The Evolve Foundation, together we were able to generate a donation of $550.00 to Walking for Rhinos, which is a charity that Dave and Philippa love!


There are plenty more reviews HERE

Contacting evolve is easy.

If you’re ready for help with your financial evolution, why not drop us a line? However you want to connect, we’d love to start a conversation.

Get hold of us by phone, fire through an email, post to Evolves wall on Facebook, or send a Tweet. You can even book a Skype call. 

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