We want to help you understand what we're doing, by being transparent, honest and committed to our purpose.

We thought you might have some questions about how your decision to choose Evolve effects our business and more importantly, The Evolve Foundation.

If we have missed anything or you would like us to answer your question, please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page.

+ What is the status of The Evolve Foundation?

The Evolve Foundation is a registered charity in New Zealand.

Evolve has started making donations to the Evovle Foundation, we track the monthly donations made, as you may have seen on our home page. Donations made for the previous financial years are found under the 'Evolve Foundation' link above.

We will be working hard to ensure that we are able to deliver on our vision of helping people and serving humanity.

More information about the foundation can be found on the charities commission website by clicking HERE

+ What is Evolves mission?

Here at Evolve, our mission is to help the people in our communities, including you. We want to ensure that you are taken care of first, by providing you with an accurate and educated personalised advice service, to ensure that you have the right insurance for your needs.

The greater purpose of what we do is help those in our communuity who need support.

Whenever we help you, we will be donating a percentage of the income that you have helped generate to the Evolve Foundation.

We will fund projects by working with existing charites to ensure we are meeting this vision, in the name of collaboration instead of competition

Click HERE to learn more about our projects

+ How does Evolve fulfil its mission by helping me?

Initially, we will go through a process of finding out everything that is important to you and uncover the areas where we believe you need to consider protecting with insurance.

We will then put together a plan which we will present to you, at which point we will discuss and implement the personal insurance plan. This is when we are able to make a donation!

It doesn't stop there, we are your Advisers for life and we will keep in touch with you throughout the years and expect that you will contact us too when you need to review any cover you have.

+ How much is the donation you give to The Evolve Foundation?

Once we have helped implement a personal insurance plan for you, Evolve will get paid… and this is where things get AWESOME.

We are about being transparent about everything, so it's important to us that you know exactly how the numbers work.

Evolve is not driven by commissions. We are simply out to find the best solution for your needs. We make sure that you are put in the best position before we look to execute on our vision.

Our business model is to sacrifice our earnings to ensure that the Evolve Foundation can accumalate funds quickly so we can start helping people sooner.

We will always take 15% of whatever you pay in Annual Premium (first year only) to the insurer and donate that to the Evolve Foundation.

You can see what our clients have contributed so far by clicking HERE

Still unsure?

Again, we are about being transparent in this business so please don’t hesitate to ask us more specific questions about how this works, we will be more than happy to have a chat to you about it!

If you choose Evolve, we will sit down with you at our first meeting and we will talk to you about our mission and everything above, to ensure you feel comfortable about your decision and about what we're doing.

+ How do I know that Evolve will really donate the funds that they say they will?

Evolve is about trust, honesty and being completely transparent in all of our processes. We also have strict financial reporting obligations vai the Charities Commission and IRD, and all this information is publically available.

The Evolve Foundation is a big part of Evolve, it's one family and we intend to support this foundation financially, so we can meet our vision, which is to help people and serve humanity.

Donations are made twice a year and are published on the Evolve Foundation page. We will also receive a tax receipt for this, so it will be visible in our financial statements.

If you have any doubt, any little bit at all, that Evolve is not doing what it says it will, please contact us immediately and we will put your concern to ease.

Please contact us if you have a question that we have not addressed.